What is word form?

  • (noun): The phonological or orthographic sound or appearance of a word that can be used to describe or identify something.
    Synonyms: form, signifier, descriptor

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Morphology (linguistics) - Models - Lexeme-based Morphology
... Instead of analyzing a word form as a set of morphemes arranged in sequence, a word form is said to be the result of applying rules that alter a word form or stem in order to produce a ... An inflectional rule takes a stem, changes it as is required by the rule, and outputs a word form a derivational rule takes a stem, changes it as per its own ...
The Sign Of The Four - Publishing History
... in the February 1890 edition of Lippincott's Monthly Magazine as The Sign of the Four (five-word title), appearing in both London and Philadelphia ... The novel was published in book form in October 1890 by Spencer Blackett, again using the title The Sign of Four ... over the years have varied between the two forms of the title, with most editions favouring the four-word form ...

Famous quotes containing the words form and/or word:

    The Republican form of government is the highest form of government; but because of this it requires the highest type of human nature—a type nowhere at present existing.
    Herbert Spencer (1820–1903)

    The word “revolution” itself has become not only a dead relic of Leftism, but a key to the deadendedness of male politics: the “revolution” of a wheel which returns in the end to the same place; the “revolving door” of a politics which has “liberated” women only to use them, and only within the limits of male tolerance.
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)