What is wash?

  • (verb): Clean with some chemical process.
    Synonyms: rinse
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Car Wash: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
... Car Wash is a soundtrack double album released by the Funk band Rose Royce on the MCA label in September 1976 ... the soundtrack/film score to the 1976 hit comedy Car Wash that featured Richard Pryor and George Carlin and is also the debut album for Rose Royce ...
Tenmile Wash
... Tenmile Wash is an ephemeral wash and watercourse about 85 miles (137 km) long in the northern Sonoran Desert of south-central Arizona ... flow northwesterly, and the western drainage is the San Cristobal Wash Drainage of approximately the same length ...
Strike It Up
... The song features an un-credited Martha Wash on lead vocals ... However, Wash was not featured in the music video or singles cover art as it was customary for Katrin Quinol, a French model, to be used as the 'face' of the group and it was her that was ... Wash later sued the record label for royalties and directly contributed to legislation ensuring proper credit for vocalists on both songs and music videos ...
Little Ajo Mountains - Valleys Surrounding The Ajo Range
... from around Childs Mountain, the Childs Valley drains into the Growler Wash ... The Growler Valley to the west merges with the Childs Wash drainage, and enters the San Cristobal Wash Drainage on its southeast ... The wash only heads towards the Gila River Valley, but disappears into the ground ...
San Cristobal Wash
... The San Cristobal Wash is an ephemeral wash and watercourse of the San Cristobal Valley, flowing north into the Gila River Valley of the southwestern desert region of Arizona ... The wash flows northwesterly with the alignment of the northwest-southeast trending mountains and valleys of the former Basin and Range mountain ranges ... The washes and arroyos combine into the San Cristobal Wash which enters the San Cristobal Valley at the south ...

More definitions of "wash":

  • (verb): Remove by the application of water or other liquid and soap or some other cleaning agent.
    Example: "Can you wash away the spots on the windows?"; "he managed to wash out the stains"
    Synonyms: wash out, wash off, wash away
  • (verb): Apply a thin coating of paint, metal, etc., to.
  • (verb): Move by or as if by water.
    Example: "The swollen river washed away the footbridge"
  • (verb): Be capable of being washed.
    Example: "Does this material wash?"
  • (verb): Admit to testing or proof.
    Example: "This silly excuse won't wash in traffic court"
  • (noun): A thin coat of water-base paint.
  • (noun): A watercolor made by applying a series of monochrome washes one over the other.
    Synonyms: wash drawing
  • (verb): To cleanse (itself or another animal) by licking.
    Example: "The cat washes several times a day"
  • (noun): The erosive process of washing away soil or gravel by water (as from a roadway).
    Synonyms: washout
  • (verb): Cleanse (one's body) with soap and water.
    Synonyms: lave
  • (noun): The dry bed of an intermittent stream (as at the bottom of a canyon).
    Synonyms: dry wash
  • (verb): Cleanse with a cleaning agent, such as soap, and water.
    Example: "Wash the towels, please!"
    Synonyms: launder
  • (noun): The work of cleansing (usually with soap and water).
    Synonyms: washing, lavation
  • (verb): Form by erosion.
    Example: "The river washed a ravine into the mountainside"
  • (verb): Separate dirt or gravel from (precious minerals).
  • (noun): Any enterprise in which losses and gains cancel out.
    Example: "At the end of the year the accounting department showed that it was a wash"
  • (verb): Wash or flow against.
    Synonyms: lave, lap

Famous quotes containing the word wash:

    When lovely woman stoops to folly,
    And finds too late that men betray,
    What charm can soothe her melancholy,
    What art can wash her guilt away?

    The only art her guilt to cover,
    To hide her shame from every eye,
    To give repentance to her lover,
    And wring his bosom—is to die.
    Oliver Goldsmith (1730?–1774)

    Now mark me how I will undo myself.
    I give this heavy weight from off my head,
    And this unwieldy sceptre from my hand,
    The pride of kingly sway from out my heart.
    With mine own tears I wash away my balm,
    With mine own hands I give away my crown.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    Even like two little bank-dividing brooks,
    That wash the pebbles with their wanton streams,
    And having ranged and searched a thousand nooks,
    Meet both at length in silver-breasted Thames
    Where in a greater current they conjoin:
    So I my Best-Beloved’s am, so he is mine.
    Francis Quarles (1592–1644)