What is vomit?

  • (noun): A medicine that induces nausea and vomiting.
    Synonyms: emetic, vomitive, nauseant
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Ian Craig Marsh - Musical Vomit
... he met Mark Civico and formed a performance art band called Musical Vomit, taking the name from a music paper's hostile review of the band Suicide ... Musical Vomit specialised in Alice Cooper-style stunts, such as vomiting soup onstage, and singing about such topics as masturbation and necrophilia ... Civico (stage name Trigae Thugg) persevered with Musical Vomit, adding fellow Meatwhistle artists Paul Bower (later of the band 2.3), Glenn Gregory (who went ...
Fake Vomit
... Fake vomit is a flat plastic disc with indentations and protrusions designed to look like mucus or vomit ... The prank is performed when the prankster wraps up the fake vomit in a handkerchief or tissue paper and mixes with a crowd ... When he/she is done, the prankster would reveal the fake vomit, disgusting the crowd watching the prank ...
Lunacy (FIRST) - Common Robot Types - Vomit Bot
... "Vomit" bots, also called "power dumpers", were a hybrid between the shooter and the dumper ... robots would drive up to an opponents trailer and "vomit" a stream of balls into the trailer, (often as many as 10 or more at once) ...
Stubbins Ffirth - Works
... He started to make incisions on his arms and smeared vomit into the cuts, then proceeded to pour it onto his eyeballs ... He continued to try to infect himself using infected vomit by frying it and inhaling the fumes, and, when he did not become ill, drank it undiluted ... prove that other bodily fluids yielded the same results, Ffirth progressed on from vomit, and would go on to smear his body with blood, saliva, and urine ...
August Underground's Mordum - Cast
... Jay Midian Crosby as Blond Vomit Torture Victim Elmo Painter as Brunette Vomit Torture Victim Dave Brown as Dead Man in Vomit Torture Sequence Art Ettinger as Male Friend Rick Kundrach as Jonesy Tim ...

More definitions of "vomit":

  • (noun): The matter ejected in vomiting.
    Synonyms: vomitus, puke