What is turkish language?

Turkish Language

Turkish (Turkish: Türkçe), also referred to as Istanbul Turkish or Anatolian Turkish, is the most populous of the Turkic languages, with over 70 million native speakers. Speakers are located predominantly in Turkey, with smaller groups in Germany, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Northern Cyprus, Greece, and other parts of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.

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Metamorfoz - Reception
... Besides, he was awarded with a special appreciation from the Turkish Language Association (Türk Dil Kurumu), the president of the institute sent him a congratulation on his lyrics, appreciating how it cultivates the ... has received mixed reviews from the Turkish media ... articles that there was a definite hunt for Tarkan news in the Turkish media, channels were ready to change their original schedules to feature Tarkan-related news, which are considered to be of primary ...
Turkish Language - Sample
... Aşık Veysel Şatıroğlu (1894–1973), a minstrel and highly regarded poet in the Turkish folk literature tradition ...
Turks In The United Kingdom - Culture - Language
... The Turkish language is the main language spoken among the community in the United Kingdom, but a Turkish Cypriot dialect is also widely spoken amongst its community ... The first generation and recent migrants often speak fluent Turkish and women within the community are particularly constrained by language limitations ... A new Turkish language, Anglo-Turkish or also referred to as Turklish, has been forming amongst the second and third generations, where the English language and the ...
Bepo - Non-QWERTY Keyboards For Latin Scripts - Turkish (F-keyboard)
... The Turkish language uses the Turkish Latin alphabet, and a dedicated keyboard layout was designed in 1955 by İhsan Sıtkı Yener ... During its design, letter frequencies in the Turkish language were investigated with the aid of Turkish Language Association ... on bone and muscle anatomy of the fingers to design the Turkish F-keyboard ...
Turks In Bulgaria - History - Turks in Bulgaria From Liberation To Communist Rule (1878 To 1945) - Language and Education
... After the Russo-Turkish War in 1878 the Turks in Bulgaria lost their social and political domination in Bulgaria ... The official Turkish language became the language of a minority ... In 1875 there were 2,700 Turkish primary schools, 40 secondary schools and 150 medreses in the Danube Vilayet ...

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    For all symbols are fluxional; all language is vehicular and transitive, and is good, as ferries and horses are, for conveyance, not as farms and houses are, for homestead.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    A Turkish bath—that marble paradise of sherbert and sodomy.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)