What is tumult?

  • (noun): A state of commotion and noise and confusion.
    Synonyms: tumultuousness, uproar, garboil
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... Tumult can refer to violent and noisy commotion or disturbance of a crowd ... Other Tumult Records, an independent record label based in San Francisco ... Tumult (album), an album by Dutch punk rock band The Ex ...
Tumult Of Thorn (Toruń)
... The Tumult of Thorn (Toruń), also called Blood-Bath of Thorn (Polish Tumult toruński, German Thorner Blutgericht) refers to executions ordered in 1724 by the Polish supreme court under ...
USS Tumult (AM-127) - Pacific Operations, 1943–1945 - Convoy Escort
... Tumult got underway again on the 20th and set her course for the Panama Canal and the Pacific ... Tumult spent the entire month of September shepherding these awkward charges across the Pacific ... On 2 October, having safely delivered the convoy, Tumult anchored at Espiritu Santo ...
USS Tumult (AM-127) - Post-war Operations, 1945–1954 - In Japanese Waters
... As the war ended, Tumult was sweeping in area "Skagway" off the coast of Kyūshū, Japan ... On 28 August, Tumult and three other minesweepers swept past the headlands of Tokyo Bay and into the harbor ... Tumult immediately began sweeping the anchorage and, in the following days, helped to remove minefields at the harbor entrance ...
Tumult Records
... Tumult Records (stylized as tUMULt) is an independent record label in San Francisco run by Andee Connors (also of Aquarius Records) ... In 2007, Andee Connors created a sublabel of tUMULt named Heavy Rescue, which aims to rerelease "lost eighties metal classics." ...

More definitions of "tumult":

  • (noun): Violent agitation.
    Synonyms: turmoil

Famous quotes containing the word tumult:

    I dreamed as in my bed I lay,
    All night’s fathomless wisdom come,
    That I had shorn my locks away
    And laid them on Love’s lettered tomb:
    But something bore them out of sight
    In a great tumult of the air.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    Thru all the tumult and the strife,
    I hear that music ringing.
    It sounds and echoes in my soul;
    How can I keep from singing?
    —Quaker. (Worship Comes Alive)

    I sat on cushioned otter-skin:
    My word was law from Ith to Emain,
    And shook at Invar Amargin
    The hearts of the world-troubling seamen,
    And drove tumult and war away....
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)