What is townspeople?

  • (noun): The people living in a municipality smaller than a city.
    Synonyms: town, townsfolk

Some articles on townspeople:

Welcome To Winfield - Plot
... The townspeople encounter Griffin St ... The townspeople help St ... Although the townspeople claim not to know Matt, St ...
Julian Po - Plot
... When the townspeople learn of his plan, Julian becomes a minor celebrity, and is offered all sorts of free perks since this is the most exciting thing to ever happen in that town ... town and decides life is worth living after all, much to the annoyance of the townspeople who decide to set into motion plans for his suicide, assisted or forced if need be, as long as he ... Before this, many of the townspeople have tried to "assist" him with his suicide the barber offering a quick, bloody death with a straight razor, the hotel manager showing ...
The Tommyknockers (TV Miniseries) - Differences Between The Novel and Miniseries
... In the novel an odorless gas affects the townspeople, but in the miniseries it is a psychic emanation (which is not explained in detail) ... ship lifts off in the novel, it sets fires to the forest—killing nearly all of the townspeople ... There is no fire in the miniseries and none of the townspeople are dead or affected in any way (except for Hilly Brown, who remains comatose) ...
Aladdin, Jr. - Musical Numbers
... Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, and the Townspeople "Arabian Nights" (part 2) – the Townspeople "Arabian Nights" (part 3) – Jafar and the Townspeople "Arabian Nights" (part 7 ...
Lives Of The Saints - Synopsis - Novel
... incident with the snake, Cristina is scrutinized by the townspeople as a "whore" who is sleeping around while her husband, Mario, is working and sending her money from America ... The townspeople's ruthless treatment leads Cristina to leave the town of Valle del Sole with Vittorio ... The townspeople assume it is to meet with Mario, but hinted that Cristina had actually made plans with the "blue-eyed man" ...

Famous quotes containing the word townspeople:

    no little brass rollers
    and small easy wheels on the bottom—
    my townspeople what are you thinking of!
    A rough plain hearse then
    with gilt wheels and no top at all.
    William Carlos Williams (1883–1963)

    That the townspeople might better see him, the President was persuaded to leave his carriage by the inducement that the ladies wished to get a look at him. ‘By Gad,’ he repied, ‘I’d like to see your ladies,’ and alighted.
    —For the State of New Hampshire, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)