What is topic?

  • (noun): The subject matter of a conversation or discussion.
    Example: "It was a very sensitive topic"
    Synonyms: subject, theme
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Japanese Grammar - Ancillary Words - Particles - Topic, Theme, and Subject: は wa and が ga
... The complex distinction between the so-called topic (は wa) and subject (が ga) particles has been the theme of many doctoral dissertations and scholarly disputes ... first being introduced to the subject and topic markers wa and ga most are told that the difference between the two is simpler ... The topic marker, wa, is used to declare or to make a statement ...
List Of Internet Relay Chat Commands - User Commands - TOPIC
... Syntax TOPIC Allows the client to query or set the channel topic on ... If is given, it sets the channel topic to ... If channel mode +t is set, only a channel operator may set the topic ...

More definitions of "topic":

  • (noun): Some situation or event that is thought about.
    Example: "He kept drifting off the topic"
    Synonyms: subject, issue, matter

Famous quotes containing the word topic:

    Real good breeding, as the people have it here, is one of the finest things now going in the world. The careful avoidance of all discussion, the swift hopping from topic to topic, does not agree with me; but the graceful style they do it with is beyond that of minuets!
    Thomas Carlyle (1795–1881)