What is tiny basic?


Tiny BASIC is a dialect of the BASIC programming language that can fit into as little as 2 or 3 KB of memory. This small size made it invaluable in the early days of microcomputers (the mid-1970s), when typical memory size was only 4–8 KB. The prevalence of BASIC on the first generation of home computers is an outcome of Tiny BASIC.

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People's Computer Company
... to recognize the potential of Tiny BASIC in the nascent field of personal computing when it published that language's design specification in their newsletter ... Dobb's Journal of Tiny BASIC Calisthenics and Orthodontia, dedicated to Tiny BASIC ... arguably the first best-seller in microcomputer literature, "My Computer Loves Me When I Speak BASIC" and "What To Do After You Hit Return." The company was an early proponent of software without copyright, and ...
Tiny BASIC - Implementation in Interpreted Language
... (At least two later versions, Palo Alto Tiny BASIC and 68000 Tiny BASIC, are direct interpreters) ... An interpreter written in IL interprets a line of Tiny Basic code and executes it ... commands of the interpreted language in which the Tiny BASIC interpreter is written ...
Hackers: Heroes Of The Computer Revolution - Who's Who - Part Two: Hardware Hackers
... Tiny BASIC Altair BASIC was an interpreter that translated instructions from the BASIC programming language into assembly instructions that the Altair 8800 could understand ... hackers and against the Hacker Ethic, Micro-Soft and MITS felt that people should pay for BASIC just like they paid for any add-on card ... Many hackers had in fact put in orders for BASIC, but still had to wait for the order to be shipped ...
Copyleft - History
... An early example of copyleft was the Tiny BASIC project started in the newsletter of the People's Computer Company in 1975 ... Dennis Allison wrote a specification for a simple version of the BASIC programming language ... The Tiny BASIC contents of the newsletter soon became Dr ...

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