What is tilt?

  • (noun): Pitching dangerously to one side.
    Synonyms: rock, careen, sway
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Tilt - Other Uses
... Axial tilt in astronomy Tilt (drink) Tilt (optics), a deviation in the direction of a beam of light Tilt (radio) AT T Tilt, a smartphone Tilt switch, an electrical switch Tilting ...
Samsung Hub - Tilting Incident
... On August 2002, a tilt on the building was detected by Samsung Corporation ... Although this 0.1 degree tilt, caused by soil settlement, was minimal compared to 4 degrees for the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it could have adversely affected the building's structural stability, resulting in cracks ... After discovering the tilt, Samsung immediately initiated rectification efforts ...
Steve Vantsis - Tilt
... In 2009, Vantsis formed the band "Tilt" whose nucleus consists of himself (bass, guitars, keys, loops, programming), Robin Boult (guitars) and Dave Stewart (drums, percussion) ... Tilt's first release, the EP Million Dollar Wound, also featured John Wesley, Frank Usher, Irvin Duguid, all of who have also been working with Fish and/or Marillion at some point ...
Clinometer (forestry) - Sensor Technology
... Tilt sensors and inclinometers generate an artificial horizon and measure angular tilt with respect to this horizon ... and in other applications requiring measurement of tilt ... Important specifications to consider when searching for tilt sensors and inclinometers are the tilt angle range and number of axes (which are usually, but not always ...
Cairns Tilt Train Derailment
... The Cairns Tilt Train derailment occurred at 1155 pm on 15 November 2004 when the City of Townsville diesel tilt train derailed north of Berajondo ...

More definitions of "tilt":

  • (verb): To incline or bend from a vertical position.
    Synonyms: lean, tip, slant, angle
  • (noun): A slight but noticeable partiality.
    Example: "The court's tilt toward conservative rulings"
  • (verb): Charge with a tilt.
  • (noun): The property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the vertical.
    Example: "The tower had a pronounced tilt"
    Synonyms: list, inclination, lean, leaning
  • (noun): A combat between two mounted knights tilting against each other with blunted lances.
    Synonyms: joust