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Stanislaw Tillich
... Stanislaw Tillich (Sorbian Stanisław Tilich) born on 10 April 1959 in Neudörfel (Sorbian Nowa Wjeska) near Kamenz (Sorbian Kamjenc) is a German CDU politician ... Tillich is of Sorbian ethnicity and lives in Panschwitz-Kuckau (Pančicy-Kukow), which is some 35 kilometres north-east of Dresden near Kamenz ... Tillich studied construction and drive techniques at the Dresden University of Technology after finishing his Abitur at the Sorbian Gymnasium in Bautzen in ...
Paul Tillich - Theology - Faith As Ultimate Concern
... In 1957, Tillich defined his conception of faith more explicitly in his work, Dynamics of Faith ... surrender of him who accepts this claim...it demands that all other concerns...be sacrificed." — Tillich, Dynamics of Faith, p.1-2 Tillich further refined his conception of faith by stating that ... human mind...it participates in the dynamics of personal life." — Tillich, Dynamics of Faith, p.5 An arguably central component of Tillich's concept of faith is his notion that faith is "ecstatic" ...
... Transtheistic is a term coined by philosopher Paul Tillich or Indologist Heinrich Zimmer, referring to a system of thought or religious philosophy which is neither theistic, nor ... Paul Tillich uses transtheistic in The Courage to Be (1952), as an aspect of Stoicism ... Tillich stated that Stoicism and Neo-Stoicism Like Zimmer trying to express a religious notion that is neither theistic nor atheistic ...
Paul Tillich - Theology - Method of Correlation
... The key to understanding Tillich’s theology is what he calls the "method of correlation." It is an approach that correlates insights from Christian revelation with the issues raised by existential ... Tillich states in the introduction to the Systematic Theology For Tillich, the existential questions of human existence are associated with the field of philosophy and, more specifically ... This is because, according to Tillich, a lifelong pursuit of philosophy reveals that the central question of every philosophical inquiry always comes back to the question of being, or what it ...
Paul Tillich - Biography
... Tillich was born on August 20, 1886, in the small village of Starzeddel, Silesia, which was then part of Germany ... Tillich’s Prussian father Johannes Tillich was a conservative Lutheran pastor of the Evangelical State Church of Prussia's older Provinces his mother ... When Tillich was four, his father became superintendent of a diocese in Schönfliess, a town of three thousand, where Tillich began secondary school ('Elementarschule') ...

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    Out of the element of participation follows the certainty of faith; out of the element of separation follows the doubt in faith. And each is essential for the nature of faith. Sometimes certainty conquers doubt, but it cannot eliminate doubt. The conquered of today may become the conqueror of tomorrow. Sometimes doubt conquers faith, but it still contains faith. Otherwise it would be indifference.
    —Paul Tillich (1886–1965)

    Religion is the state of being grasped by an ultimate concern, a concern which qualifies all other concerns as preliminary and which itself contains the answer to the question of a meaning of our life.
    —Paul Tillich (1886–1965)

    Our language has wisely sensed these two sides of man’s being alone. It has created the word “loneliness” to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word “solitude” to express the glory of being alone. Although, in daily life, we do not always distinguish these words, we should do so consistently and thus deepen our understanding of our human predicament.
    —Paul Tillich (1886–1965)