What is thirteen?

  • (noun): The cardinal number that is the sum of twelve and one.
    Synonyms: 13, XIII, baker's dozen, long dozen
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... TwoThirteen (sometimes titled 2woThirteen, or simply 213 ), is a 2009 horror/thriller film directed by Charles Adelman and starring Mark Thompson, Mark Pellegrino, Teri Polo, and Kevin Pollak. ...
List Of Gintama Episodes
... A total of thirteen volumes were released for the first season, between July 26, 2006 and June 26, 2007 ... The second season was released over another set of thirteen volumes between July 25, 2007 and July 23, 2008 ... Season 3 was released in thirteen volumes from August 27, 2008 to August 26, 2009 ...
Locked In (House) - Plot
... Thirteen suggests a well-placed tumor, so the team does an MRI ... Thirteen notices that he has a tear in his epithelial cells in the eye, and a Fluorescein Stain reveals ulcerative keratitis ... Thirteen suggests that the dying liver released toxins which lead to locked in syndrome ...
Lucky Thirteen (House) - Plot
... Spencer (Angela Gots), a woman with whom Thirteen is having a one-night stand, has a seizure at Thirteen's apartment ... Thirteen accompanies her to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital where House and the team take the case ... House remains more concerned with Thirteen's confirmed bisexuality and finds the situation a good opportunity to delve into her personal life ...
List Of Minor 2000 AD Stories - Stories - T - Thirteen
... Thirteen was a one-off story written by Mike Carey, with art by Andy Clarke ... The story had been on Carey's mind for seven years before appearing in the comic ...

More definitions of "thirteen":

  • (adj): Being one more than twelve.
    Synonyms: 13, xiii

Famous quotes containing the word thirteen:

    Yesterday morning had gone to bed very early, and had done it once: thirteen in all. Was really affectionate to her.
    James Boswell (1740–1795)

    The big mistake that men make is that when they turn thirteen or fourteen and all of a sudden they’ve reached puberty, they believe that they like women. Actually, you’re just horny. It doesn’t mean you like women any more at twenty-one than you did at ten.
    Jules Feiffer (b. 1929)

    So that’s our new flag. The thing we’ve been fighting for—thirteen stripes for the colonies and thirteen stars in a circle for the union.
    Lamar Trotti (1898–1952)