What is tee?

  • (verb): Connect with a tee.
    Example: "Tee two pipes"
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A tee is a stand used to support a stationary ball so that the player can strike it, particularly in golf, tee ball, American football, and rugby.

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Kicking Tee
... A kicking tee is a rubber or plastic platform, often with prongs and/or a brim around an inner depression ... In American football and its variants, a tee may be used on kickoffs to raise the ball slightly above the playing surface (up to one inch, by NFL and NCAA rules) ... The CFL and some high school leagues also allow the use of tees on field goal and extra point kicks, where another player (the holder) places one end of the ball on the tee (usually just a ...
Cox Model Engine - The Engines - Tee Dees
... 1961 Tee Dee 049 (Cat#170 - Manufactured Nov 1960-Jan 1996) This is without a doubt, Cox's greatest and most famous engine ... It was designed by Bill Atwood who had been hired by Cox specifically to produce the Tee Dee line of competition engines ... The important features of the Tee Dee are as follows Tapered cylinder and a lightened and tapered piston Result tighter piston fit at TDC and less piston mass = more performance ...
Sleeping (song) - Track Listing
... jewel case "Sleeping" (radio edit) – 343 "Sleeping" (Tee's Radio Mix) – 358 "Sleeping" (TNT Radio Mix) – 355 "Sleeping" (UK Radio Mix) – 352 "Sleeping" (Tiefschwars Wake ...
Magic Tee
... A magic tee (or magic T or hybrid tee) is a hybrid or 3 dB coupler used in microwave systems ... rat-race, the three-dimensional structure of the magic tee makes it less readily constructed in planar technologies such as microstrip or stripline ... The magic tee was originally developed in World War II, and first published by W ...
Brian Tee (politician)
... Brian Tee (born 19 January 1969) is an Australian politician ... Tee was born in South Africa and educated in Western Australia, and attended All Saints College and the University of Western Australia, where he ... Tee contested and won preselection in the second position on the ALP ticket in the Eastern Metropolitan Region for the Legislative Council in the leadup to the 2006 state election, beating out incumbent MLC Helen ...

More definitions of "tee":

  • (noun): A short peg put into the ground to hold a golf ball off the ground.
    Synonyms: golf tee
  • (verb): Place on a tee.
    Example: "Tee golf balls"
    Synonyms: tee up
  • (noun): Support holding a football on end and above the ground preparatory to the kickoff.
    Synonyms: football tee
  • (noun): The starting place for each hole on a golf course.
    Example: "They were waiting on the first tee"
    Synonyms: teeing ground