What is talk?

  • (noun): An exchange of ideas via conversation.
    Example: "Let's have more work and less talk around here"
    Synonyms: talking
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Some articles on talk:

BBC Radio Merseyside - Controversy
... onto present a short-lived Saturday breakfast show on talk radio station City Talk 105.9 in Liverpool ... City Talk later used the now infamous phrase that led to his resignation as part of their launch marketing for the station ...
WBOK - History
... WBOK has returned to the air as of 11/3/2007 with an urban music and talk format, the station would work as an outlet for black political leaders to voice their opinion on matters because they felt as thought he ... The new format, “Talk Back Talk Black” marks a significant development in African American political life post-Katrina ... Whether or not the “Talk Back Talk Black” radio format can find advertisers to ensure economic viability remains to be seen, especially given the decimation ...
WIBR - History
... and 1990s (including a period broadcasting Sports), the station switched to a news/talk format in 2002 ... The talk format ended on November 15, 2005 and was briefly replaced with urban music, until WIBR debuted an African-American oriented "urban talk" format ... The station featured a lineup of syndicated talk shows mostly produced by Radio One, including a program hosted by Rev ...
Talk - Other Meanings
... Talk (film) Talk (magazine) Talk show, a broadcast program format Talk radio, a radio format Talk (play) ...
It's My Life (Talk Talk Song)
... "It's My Life" is a song by the British synthpop band Talk Talk ... Written by Mark Hollis and Tim Friese-Greene, it was the title track on the band's second album in 1984 ...

More definitions of "talk":

  • (noun): The act of giving a talk to an audience.
    Example: "I attended an interesting talk on local history"
  • (noun): Idle gossip or rumor.
    Example: "There has been talk about you lately"
    Synonyms: talk of the town
  • (verb): Deliver a lecture or talk.
    Example: "She will talk at Rutgers next week"
    Synonyms: lecture
  • (noun): ('talk about' is a less formal alternative for 'discussion of') discussion.
    Example: "His poetry contains much talk about love and anger"
  • (verb): Reveal information.
    Example: "If you don't oblige me, I'll talk!"
    Synonyms: spill
  • (verb): Exchange thoughts; talk with.
    Example: "We often talk business"; "Actions talk louder than words"
    Synonyms: speak
  • (verb): Use language.
    Synonyms: speak

Famous quotes containing the word talk:

    Ideas are only lethal if you suppress and don’t discuss them. Ignorance is not bliss, it’s stupid. Banning books shows you don’t trust your kids to think and you don’t trust yourself to be able to talk to them.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)

    I just come and talk to the plants, really—very important to talk to them, they respond I find.
    Charles, Prince Of Wales (b. 1948)

    Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about wine.
    Fran Lebowitz (b. 1950)