What is synagogue?

  • (noun): (Judaism) the place of worship for a Jewish congregation.
    Synonyms: temple, tabernacle


A synagogue (from Greek: συναγωγή transliterated synagogē, meaning "assembly") is a Jewish or Samaritan house of prayer.

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Husiatyn Synagogue
... The Husiatyn Synagogue (Festungs-Schule) is a former synagogue in Husiatyn, Galicia, Ukraine ... The synagogue is a rare example of a sixteenth-century "Fortress synagogue" built in Renaissance style ... lovliest and most splendid in Galicia." Omer Bartov describes the synagogue as "exquisite." ...
Bournemouth Reform Synagogue - History
... Bournemouth Reform Synagogue was founded in 1947 as the Bournemouth New Synagogue, a break-away from the Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation in the town ... At the time it was the ninth Reform synagogue in the country ...
Bet Israel Synagogue (Istanbul, Turkey)
... Bet Israel Synagogue is located in Şişli, Istanbul, Turkey ... Bet Israel and Neve Shalom Synagogues are supported and governed by the Neve Shalom Foundation ... The synagogue was initially built in the 1920s and enlarged into its present size in the early 1950s due to the majority of the Jewish population moving to that area and the immigration from ...
Bournemouth Reform Synagogue - Prayer Services
... The synagogue has been led by five ministers over its sixty-year history Rev ... The synagogue aims to be egalitarian by encouraging members to participate in relevant mitzvot (commandments) regardless of gender ... Many decisions regarding community customs are made at the synagogue's Ritual Forum which meets around every six weeks and which is open to all synagogue members ...
Synagogue - Gallery
... The New Synagogue in Berlin, Germany The Choral Synagogue in Moscow, Russia The Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam, Netherlands The Great Synagogue of Plzeň, Czech Republic The main synagogue of ... The original was destroyed, but has now been rebuilt The Belzer synagogue of Belz, Ukraine ... The synagogue no longer exists The Cymbalista Synagogue and Jewish Heritage Center at Tel Aviv University The synagogue of Kherson, Ukraine The Ashkenazi Synagogue of Istanbul, Turkey ...