What is surgical incision?

  • (noun): The cutting of or into body tissues or organs (especially by a surgeon as part of an operation).
    Synonyms: incision, section

Some articles on surgical incisions, incision, surgical, incisions:

Surgical Procedures - Mastopexy of The Sagging Breast
... breast-lift techniques are limited to the surgical incisions used to address the skin envelope of the breast, not the internal parenchyma, the ... Full breast lift The sagging bust is lifted using the circumvertical- and horizontal-incision plan of the Anchor mastopexy (also Lexer pattern, inverted-T incision, Wise pattern, inferior pedicle), which ... The Anchor shank a vertical incision from the lower edge of the nipple-areola complex to the inframammary-fold incision ...
Tubal Reversal Surgeries - Robotic Assisted Tubal Reversal
... Robotic assisted tubal reversal surgery is a surgical procedure in which the fallopian tubes are repaired by a surgeon using a remotely controlled, robotic surgical system ... Each arm has a unique surgical instrument and performs a specialized surgical function ... reversal offers the advantage of smaller incisions when compared to traditional laparotomy tubal reversal surgery ...

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    With all the surgical skill and the vital rays lavished on him he should talk like a—like a congressman at a filibuster.
    —Kenneth Langtry. Herbert L. Strock. Prof. Frankenstein (Whit Bissell)