What is Suomi?

  • (noun): The official language of Finland; belongs to the Baltic Finnic family of languages.
    Synonyms: Finnish
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Suomi is a Finnish word that most commonly refers to either:

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... Suomi-Filmi, lit ... Suomi-Filmi produced around 160 feature length films and for most of its history was one of the two most important film companies in the country, along with Suomen ...
Suomi Finland Perkele
... Suomi Finland Perkele is the third full-length album by Impaled Nazarene, the last to feature both Luttinen brothers ... "Suomi" is the Finnish word for Finland and "Perkele" is a common Finnish swear word ...
Al Suomi
... Albert William Suomi (born October 29, 1913) is a former NHL player, who played with the Chicago Black Hawks for the 1936–37 NHL season ... Although he did not aspire to play at a professional level, Suomi nevertheless spent his young life playing hockey and was eventually scouted while playing with friends ... Suomi began his career playing for the Chicago Baby Ruth team in 1934, a marketing ploy started by the company that produced the candy of the same name ...
Suomi-Filmi - 1940s-1950s
... During the Winter War Suomi-Filmi's feature film production halted, while the company concentrated on mostly documentary short films ... During the years 1940-1944 Suomi-Filmi produced 28 feature-length films ... The latter half of the 1940s were largely successful for Suomi-Filmi ...
... Suomi is a Finnish word that most commonly refers to either Finland or Suomi Finnish language or suomi or suomen kieli Suomi may also refer to Suomi M-31 SMG, a Finnish submachine ... Suomi, father of satellite meteorology 1656 Suomi, a Mars-crossing asteroid Suomi NPP, a satellite named after Verner E ... Suomi ...

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