What is submarine?

  • (adj): Beneath the surface of the sea.
    Synonyms: undersea
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A submarine is a watercraft capable of independent operation underwater. It differs from a submersible, which has more limited underwater capability. The term submarine most commonly refers to a large crewed autonomous vessel. However, historically or colloquially, submarine can also refer to medium-sized or smaller vessels (midget submarines, wet subs), remotely operated vehicles or robots.

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Some articles on submarine:

Ula Class Submarine
... The Ula class is a Norwegian submarine type which was assembled in Germany in the late 1980s and early 1990s ... The class, consisting of 6 vessels, is currently the only submarine type in service with the Royal Norwegian Navy ...
USS Rasher (SS-269)
... USS Rasher (SS/SSR/AGSS/IXSS-269), a Gato-class submarine, was a ship of the United States Navy named for the rasher, a vermilion-colored rockfish or ... Rasher (SS-269), an attack submarine, was laid down 4 May 1942 by Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co ... and fitting out in New Orleans, the new submarine trained in the Bay of Panama, departed Balboa 8 August 1943, and arrived at Brisbane, Australia, on 11 September ...
Submarine - Abandoning The Vessel
... In an emergency, submarines can transmit a signal which can be picked up by other ships ... Escape suits can be used by the crew to abandon the submarine ... An alternative means of escape is via a submarine rescue vehicle which can dock onto the disabled submarine ...
USS Redfin (SS-272) - Auxiliary Research Submarine, 1959–1967
... for the testing of inertial guidance systems used in Polaris submarines ... She preceded the first ballistic missile submarine George Washington (SSBN-598) as flagship of Submarine Squadron 14 ...
India And Weapons Of Mass Destruction - Delivery Mechanisms - Nuclear Submarines - Former Leasing of Soviet Submarines
... In 1988 INS Chakra (Sanskrit Wheel), a Charlie-class submarine was leased by the Indian Navy for three years from the Soviet Union, until 1991 ... The submarine was leased to India between 1988 and 1991 mainly for India to gain experience in the operations of a nuclear submarine ...

More definitions of "submarine":

  • (verb): Throw with an underhand motion.
  • (noun): A submersible warship usually armed with torpedoes.
    Synonyms: pigboat, sub, U-boat
  • (verb): Control a submarine.
  • (verb): Move forward or under in a sliding motion.
    Example: "The child was injured when he submarined under the safety belt of the car"
  • (verb): Attack by submarine.
    Example: "The Germans submarined the Allies"
  • (verb): Bring down with a blow to the legs.