What is stool?

More definitions of "stool":

  • (verb): Lure with a stool, as of wild fowl.
  • (noun): A simple seat without a back or arms.
  • (noun): (forestry) the stump of a tree that has been felled or headed for the production of saplings.
  • (verb): Grow shoots in the form of stools or tillers.
    Synonyms: tiller
  • (verb): React to a decoy, of wildfowl.

Famous quotes containing the word stool:

    Most of us who turn to any subject we love remember some morning or evening hour when we got on a high stool to reach down an untried volume, or sat with parted lips listening to a new talker, or for very lack of books began to listen to the voices within, as the first traceable beginning of our love.
    George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian)

    Oh, to have a little house!
    To own the hearth and stool and all!
    The heaped-up sods upon the fire,
    The pile of turf against the wall!
    Padraic Colum (1881–1972)