What is stinging?

  • (adj): (of speech) harsh or hurtful in tone or character.
    Example: "A stinging comment"
    Synonyms: cutting, edged
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Some articles on stinging:

... Like many plants of the Urticaceae, they have stinging hairs, and have stinging and non-stinging hairs on the same plant ...
Cruciatus - S - (Stinging Hex, Stinging Jinx)
... Description Produces a stinging sensation in the victim, resulting in angry red welts and occasionally the severe inflammation of the affected area ... Hermione casts the Stinging Hex on Harry in Deathly Hallows to purposefully distort Harry's appearance ...
Stinging Nettle - Distribution
... Stinging nettles are abundant in northern Europe and much of Asia, usually found in the countryside ... In North America the stinging nettle is far less common than in northern Europe ... In Europe stinging nettles have a strong association with human habitation and buildings ...
The Stinging Fly
... The Stinging Fly is a literary magazine published in Ireland featuring short stories and poetry ... In 2005, The Stinging Fly moved into publishing with the establishment of The Stinging Fly Press ...
Stinging Fork Falls State Natural Area
... Stinging Fork Falls State Natural Area, a Tennessee Class II Natural-Scientific State Scenic Area, is located in Rhea County, Tennessee, near Spring City ... The Stinging Fork Falls trail terminates at the bottom of Stinging Fork Falls, a 30-foot (9.1 m) high waterfall, about 1 mile from the parking area ...

More definitions of "stinging":

  • (adj): Having a sting or the capacity to sting.
    Example: "Stinging insects"; "stinging nettles"
  • (noun): A kind of pain; something as sudden and painful as being stung.
    Example: "He felt the stinging of nettles"
    Synonyms: sting
  • (adj): Causing or experiencing a painful shivering feeling as from many tiny pricks.
    Example: "A stinging nettle"; "the stinging windblown sleet"
    Synonyms: prickling, tingling

Famous quotes containing the word stinging:

    this frenzy,
    like bees stinging the heart all morning,
    will keep the angels
    with their windows open,
    wide as an English bathtub.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)