What is stagecoach?

  • (noun): A large coach-and-four formerly used to carry passengers and mail on regular routes between towns.
    Synonyms: stage


A stagecoach is a type of covered wagon for passengers and goods, strongly sprung and drawn by four horses, usually four-in-hand. Widely used before the introduction of railway transport, it made regular trips between stages or stations, which were places of rest provided for stagecoach travelers. The business of running stagecoaches or the act of journeying in them was known as staging.

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... Stagecoach Gold, previously, Goldline is a sub-brand used by various Stagecoach Group bus subsidiaries in the United Kingdom ... It was extended to Aldershot from February 2009, and in September 2009 Stagecoach West started a new Stagecoach Gold 94 service between Cheltenham and Gloucester replacing ... The Cheltenham and Gloucester route is however branded as Stagecoach Gold, not Goldline ...
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... In 2006, Stagecoach North West set up various services using a fleet of new old Optare Solos, Dennis Enviro 400s and new old Dennis Dart SLFs in order to compete with Preston Bus ... Stagecoach offered lower fares on the busiest routes ... Both companies accused each other of unprofessional behaviour, with some Stagecoach drivers reported to have thrown eggs at Preston Buses ...