What is spurt?

  • (noun): The occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid).
    Synonyms: jet, squirt, spirt
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Spurts - See Also
... All pages beginning with "Spurt" All pages with titles containing "Spurt" Spurtle Jet of Blood (or Spurt of Blood), 1925 French surreal short play Kogluktok, a waterfall in Canada named ...
Differences Between Male and Female Puberty
... The male "growth spurt" also begins later, accelerates more slowly, and lasts longer before the epiphyses fuse ... in adult heights is attributable to a later onset of the growth spurt and a slower progression to completion, a direct result of the later rise and lower adult male levels of estradiol ... breasts and uterus, it is also the principal hormone driving the pubertal growth spurt and epiphyseal maturation and closure ...
Rowing At The 1912 Summer Olympics – Men's Coxed Fours - Results - Semifinals
... Here, however, the Germans came on with a short, powerful spurt, which gave them a lead that was afterwards retained, apparently without any great effort, and was gradually increased to about two and a half ... With an energetic spurt, Thames R ... The last-named crew, however, pulled itself together for a spurt when close to the bath-house, so that at the bridge there was only a length between the boats ...
Constitutional Growth Delay - Clinical History
... Because the timing of the onset of puberty, pubertal growth spurt, and epiphyseal fusion are determined by a child's skeletal age (biologic age), children with CGD are often referred to as "late bloomers ... The timing of the pubertal growth spurt is delayed, and the spurt may be prolonged with a lower peak height velocity ...
Delayed Puberty - Normal Timing
... beginning with breast development, the adolescent growth spurt, the onset of menarche – which does not correspond to the end of puberty – and the acquisition ... pubic hair) 11y (8.5–13.5y) Growth spurt 11.25y (10–12.5y) Menarche (first menstrual bleeding) 12.5y (10.5–14.5y) Adult height reached 15.5y ...

More definitions of "spurt":

  • (verb): Gush forth in a sudden stream or jet.
    Synonyms: spirt, gush, spout
  • (verb): Move or act with a sudden increase in speed or energy.
    Synonyms: forge, spirt