What is spunk?

  • (noun): The courage to carry on.
    Example: "He kept fighting on pure spunk"
    Synonyms: heart, mettle, nerve
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Avon, Minnesota - Arts and Culture - Annual Cultural Events
... Within Avon's city boundaries are three lakes which are named Upper Spunk, Middle Spunk, and Lower Spunk Lake ... of these lakes, Avon hosts an annual celebration called "Spunktacular Days" ("Spunk Days" for short) ... The word "spunk" means material to start a fire, or torchwood, which settlers used to gather in the area ...
Spunk - Other
... Spunk (candy), a brand of salty liquorice and wine gums from Denmark the pseudonym of Joan Stark, an ASCII artist a short story by Zora Neale Hurston written in 1927 Spunk (Graffity PerĂ¹) ...
Turnstyle (band) - Discography - Singles
... "Spray Water on the Stereo" - Spunk! (1998) "Purple Crown" - Igloo (1999) "I'm a Bus" - Igloo (2000) "Portamento" - Spunk! (2000) "World Famous in Perth" - Spunk! (2001) ...
Spunk/This Is Crap
... Spunk/This is Crap is a rarities album by the English punk rock band The Sex Pistols ... It features a reissue of the Spunk bootleg, without talking between tracks and with nine additional tracks ...
Spunk Library
... The Spunk Library (also known as Spunk Press) was an anarchist Internet archive ... The name "spunk" was chosen for the term's meaning in Swedish ("anything we want it to mean"), English ("courage or spirit"), and Australian ("an attractive person"), summarized by the website as "nondescript ... According to anarchist librarian Chuck Munson, the library was begun as Spunk Press in 1992 ...

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