What is social function?

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Landless Workers' Movement - Historical Antecedents (up To The Enactment of The Brazilian 1988 Constitution)
... of landed property that became one of the hallmarks of modern Brazilian social history (see ) ... a fabled, millenarian return an earlier, pre-bourgeois social order, as was the case in the 1890s Canudos War and the 1910s Contestado War ... the existing landed property structure by means of a more rational appeal to the allegedly social function of property ...
Music Genre - Other Criteria For Categorization - Social Function
... Music genres can be identified by their social function ... Trivial examples are wedding music and Christmas music ...
Tuqi - Social Function
... the Left Wise Prince was detached from the daily operations, and his prime function during war and peace was a control of the army ...

Famous quotes containing the words function and/or social:

    For me being a poet is a job rather than an activity. I feel I have a function in society, neither more nor less meaningful than any other simple job. I feel it is part of my work to make poetry more accessible to people who have had their rights withdrawn from them.
    Jeni Couzyn (b. 1942)

    Utopias are presented for our inspection as a critique of the human state. If they are to be treated as anything but trivial exercises of the imagination. I suggest there is a simple test we can apply.... We must forget the whole paraphernalia of social description, demonstration, expostulation, approbation, condemnation. We have to say to ourselves, “How would I myself live in this proposed society? How long would it be before I went stark staring mad?”
    William Golding (b. 1911)