What is snuggle?

  • (verb): Position comfortably.
    Synonyms: nestle
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Snuggle is the brand name of a fabric softener sold by Sun Products in the United States and Canada. It features as its mascot, a teddy bear, named Snuggle the Fabric Softener Bear or "The Snuggle Bear", previously voiced by Micky Dolenz and originally voiced by Corinne Orr. The product is available in sheets or liquid (in concentrate and non-concentrate forms).

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Snuggle - Mascot - Recalls
... In 2001, 150,000 Snuggle "Teeny Bean Bears" included with the sales of the product were recalled because the pom-pom of their night caps could detach and pose a choking hazard to babies and ... In 2002, 4 million stuffed bears distributed with Snuggle fabric softener were recalled when they too were determined to form a choking hazard to small children, because the eyes and nose could come off ...
L. Frank Baum's Juvenile Speaker - Reprints
... Britton issued stories from the anthology in six smaller 62-page books collectively called The Snuggle Tales, with black-and-white Neill illustrations ... The six Snuggle Tales books are Little Bun Rabbit and Other Stories (1916) Once Upon a Time and Other Stories (1916) The Yellow Hen and Other Stories (1916) The Magic Cloak and Other Stories (1 ... In turn, The Snuggle Tales were later republished with added color plates as the Oz-Man Tales, issued in 1920 ...

More definitions of "snuggle":

  • (noun): A close and affectionate (and often prolonged) embrace.
    Synonyms: cuddle, nestle

Famous quotes containing the word snuggle:

    Men felt a chill in their hearts; a damp in their minds. In a desperate effort to snuggle their feelings into some sort of warmth, one subterfuge was tried after another ... sentences swelled, adjectives multiplied, lyrics became epics.
    Virginia Woolf (1882–1941)