What is smut?

  • (noun): Creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire.
    Synonyms: pornography, porno, porn, erotica
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Some articles on smut:

Smut Peddlers - History
... In 1995, the Smut Peddlers released their first album, Failure on the bands own label Ransom Records ... Recently the Smut Peddlers contributed two songs to the Jackass video game ... The Smut Peddlers also toured the United States in May/June 2005 ...
Greater Tuna - Partial Cast of Characters
... Vera Carp - Town snob and vice president of the Smut-Snatchers of the New Order Petey Fisk - Employee of the Greater Tuna Humane Society Didi Snavely ... and husband to Didi The Reverend Spikes, president of the Smut Snatchers of the New Order Thurston Wheelis - A disc jockey at radio station OKKK Inita Goodwin - cook ...
Sugarcane Smut - Importance
... Historically, sugarcane smut was first noted in 1877, in the Natal region of South Africa ... Sugarcane smut did not make it to the western hemisphere until the 1940s when it reached Argentina ... have been found on both sides of the country, making sugarcane smut an issue in all production centers ...
Ustilaginoidea Virens
... a plant pathogen which causes the disease False Smut of rice which reduces both grain yield and grain quality ... As the common name suggests, it is not a true smut (fungus), but an ascomycete ... False smut does not replace all or part of the kernel with a mass of black spores, rather sori form erupting through the palea and lemma forming a ball of mycelia, the outermost layers ...
Loose Smut - Management
... The most widely used method of control for loose smut is using treated seed ... The most common type of systemic fungicides used for loose smut are from the Carboxin group of chemicals ... Barley varieties with resistance to loose smut are also commercially available ...

More definitions of "smut":

  • (noun): Destructive diseases of plants (especially cereal grasses) caused by fungi that produce black powdery masses of spores.
  • (noun): A black colloidal substance consisting wholly or principally of amorphous carbon and used to make pigments and ink.
    Synonyms: carbon black, lampblack, soot
  • (noun): Any fungus of the order Ustilaginales.
    Synonyms: smut fungus
  • (verb): Stain with a dirty substance, such as soot.
  • (verb): Become affected with smut.
    Example: "The corn smutted and could not be eaten"
  • (verb): Make obscene.
    Example: "This line in the play smuts the entire act"
  • (verb): Affect with smut or mildew, as of a crop such as corn.