What is sliding?

  • (adj): Being a smooth continuous motion.

Some articles on sliding:

Sliding Sleeve - Operation
... the center of the toolwhile it is being set in the sliding sleeve ... The separation tool adapts to most manufacturers' locks to match the nipple profile in the sliding sleeve ... from an upper zone while blanking off the lower zone, a sliding sleeve with a nipple profile above and a polished sub below is installed in the tubing string opposite the upper zone ...
Sliding Window Based Part-of-speech Tagging
... Sliding window based part-of-speech tagging is used to part-of-speech tag a text ... Sliding window based part-of-speech taggers are programs which assign a single part-of-speech to a given lexical form of a word, by looking at a fixed sized "window" of words around the word to be disambiguated ...
Combination Puzzles - Properties - Two-dimensional
... Picture Data Comments Sliding piece puzzle Piece configuration 7×7 These ubiquitous puzzles come in many sizes and designs ... Sliding piece puzzle with picture Piece configuration 7×7 Mechanically, no different from the puzzle above ... Klotski Piece configuration 4×5-2 with some fused pieces A traditional sliding piece puzzle ...
List Of British Ordnance Terms - QF - Characteristics
... This allowed a sliding block, which can generally be operated faster than a BL screw mechanism, and is characteristic of small to medium artillery ... potential disadvantage associated with QF came with the horizontal sliding block breech, as used with the QF 4.5 inch Howitzer ... Not all British QF guns in fact used sliding blocks - the QF 2.95 inch and QF 3.7 inch mountain guns and the QF 18 pounder used screw breeches ...
Mobile Phone Form Factors - Slider
... The goal of using a sliding form factor is to allow the operator to take advantage of full physical keyboards or keypads, without sacrificing portability, by retracting them into the phone when ... The Siemens SL10 was one of the first sliding mobile phones in 1999 ... Unique models are the 2-way slider (sliding up or down provides distinct functions) such as the Nokia N85 or Nokia N95 ...

Famous quotes containing the word sliding:

    Heaven has a Sea of Glass on which angels go sliding every afternoon. There are many golden streets, but the principal thoroughfares are Amen Street and Hallelujah Avenue, which intersect in front of the Throne. These streets play tunes when walked on, and all shoes have songs in them.
    —For the State of Florida, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    Here at the fountain’s sliding foot,
    Or at some fruit-tree’s mossy root,
    Casting the body’s vest aside,
    My soul into the boughs does glide:
    There, like a bird, it sits and sings,
    Then whets and combs its silver wings,
    And, till prepared for longer flights,
    Waves in its plumes the various light.
    Andrew Marvell (1621–1678)

    What opium is instilled into all disaster? It shows formidable as we approach it, but there is at last no rough rasping friction, but the most slippery sliding surfaces. We fall soft on a thought.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)