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Fiction (The Comsat Angels Album)
... gloomy than the Comsats' previous album, Sleep No More ... said of the change "I certainly didn't want to make another record as intense as Sleep No More — at least not immediately ... Sleep No More was so dark that I felt it skewed things a bit — possibly even mentally for me ...
Dorsal Raphe Nucleus - Role in Narcolepsy
... as the raphe nuclei have been known to play a role in the sleep/wake cycle ... has thought to be a dissociation of what normally happens during REM sleep, when all muscle tone is lost except for the eyes ... during waking hours, partially active during non-REM sleep, and have almost ceased during REM sleep ...
Sleep in Non-humans
... Neurological sleep states can be difficult to detect in some animals ... In these cases, sleep may be defined using behavioral characteristics such as minimal movement, postures typical for the species, and reduced responsiveness to ... Sleep is quickly reversible, as opposed to hibernation or coma, and sleep deprivation is followed by longer or deeper rebound sleep ...
May 2005 In Science - May 1, 2005
... functions in order to wake up its owner only when he has emerged from deep sleep ... The clock, called SleepSmart, measures the sleep cycle and waits until its owner is in his lightest phase of sleep before rousing him ...
Go To Sleep (disambiguation)
... "Go to Sleep" is a song by Radiohead ... Go to Sleep or Go 2 Sleep may also refer to "Go to Sleep" (Lupe Fiasco song) "Go to Sleep", a song by Barbra Streisand from the film On a Clear Day You Can See Forever "Go to Sleep", a song by Eminem, DMX, and ...

Famous quotes containing the word sleep:

    This sleep is sound indeed, this is a sleep
    That from this golden rigol hath divorced
    So many English kings.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    In France a woman will not go to sleep until she has talked over affairs of state with her lover or her husband.
    Jules Mazarin (1602–1661)