What is slaying?

  • (noun): Unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being.
    Synonyms: murder, execution

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Mithraist - Iconography
... But the image of bull-slaying (tauroctony) is always in the central niche ... (See section Interpretations of the bull-slaying scene below.) The practice of depicting the god slaying a bull seems to be specific to Roman Mithraism ...
Harivamsa - Contents
... of the two arjuna trees 8-10 Migration to Vrindavana 11-12 The victory over Kaliya 13-14 The slaying of Dhenuka the donkey and Pralamba 15-19 The lifting ... to her husband and ensure his favor to herself 82-85† The slaying of the demons of Shatpura 86-87† The slaying of Andhaka by Mahadeva 88-89† The sports of the Yadavas in ocean 90† The abduction of ... dynasty of Vrishnis 104-109 The legend of Pradyumna and the slaying of Sambara 110 The tale of Samba 111-115 Krishna recovers the four dead sons of a ...
Michael (archangel) - Art and Literature - Artistic Depictions
... The iconography of Michael slaying a serpent goes back to the early 4th century, when Emperor Constantine defeated Licinius at the Battle of Adrianople in 324 AD, not far from the Michaelion a church dedicated ... Constantine commissioned a depiction of himself and his sons slaying Licinius represented as a serpent - a symbolism borrowed from the Christian teachings on the Archangel to ... A similar painting, this time with the Archangel Michael himself slaying a serpent then became a major art piece at the Michaelion and eventually lead to the standard ...
Skab - Introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deception - Ashrah
... actually the "Datusha", a mystical vampire-slaying weapon that corrupts its wielder with the false belief that they are using it to fight vampires and other demons ... Ashrah's MK Armageddon bio explains that, after slaying a multitude of demons in the Netherrealm, she transcends that plane of hell and emerges in an unfamiliar realm, surrounded by celestial beings ... is transported to Vaeternus to start slaying the vampire race, whom she sees as vile beings ...
End Of Innocence (Nightwish) - Track Listing
... "Dead Boy's Poem / Slaying The Dreamer" 23 ... "Slaying the Dreamer" 3 ... "Slaying the Dreamer" 5 ...

Famous quotes containing the word slaying:

    The great tragedy of science—the slaying of a beautiful theory by an ugly fact.
    Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–1895)

    The great tragedy of science—the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.
    Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–95)