What is shorthorn?

  • (noun): English breed of short-horned cattle.
    Synonyms: Durham


The Shorthorn breed of cattle originated in the North East of England in the late 18th century. The breed was developed as dual purpose, suitable for both dairy and beef production; however there were always certain blood lines within the breed which emphasised one quality or the other. Over time these different lines diverged and by the second half of the 20th century two separate breeds had developed - the Beef Shorthorn, and the Dairy Shorthorn. All Shorthorn cattle are coloured red, white or roan, although roan cattle are preferred by some, and completely white animals are not common. However, one type of Shorthorn has been bred to be consistently white – the Whitebred Shorthorn, which was developed to cross with black Galloway cattle to produce a popular blue roan crossbreed, the Blue Grey.

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... The Danelectro Shorthorn line of guitars are a dual cutaway hollow bodied design, made of Masonite and poplar ... The Shorthorn range comes in one, two and three pickup models, and has the "Coke Bottle Style" classic headstock, hollowed body cavity, and a seal shaped pick guard with two ...
Whitebred Shorthorn
... Whitebred Shorthorn is a British type of beef cattle originating in north west England and south west Scotland ... It is derived from Shorthorn cattle, but is always white, rather than being the range of colours found in other Shorthorns ... It has not undergone the specialisation seen in other Shorthorns (Beef Shorthorn and Dairy Shorthorn), and so it remains as a more traditional hardy and thrifty cattle type ...
Argentine Beef - Cattle Breeds - Shorthorn
... Originally from northeast England, the shorthorn was introduced to Argentina in 1826 and was the first foreign breed to enter the country ... Nowadays, Argentina's Shorthorn breed has been bred to greatly improve its meat quality thanks to hybridisation (crossbreeding) as has been demonstrated at the National Agropecuarian ...
Shorthorn - See Also
... [[Beef Sho* Durham Ox Whitebred Shorthorn. ...
... It is traditionally produced by crossing a whitebred shorthorn bull with black Galloway cows ... The Blue Grey cross became so popular that a special type of Shorthorn was developed to produce white Shorthorn bulls – the Whitebred Shorthorn ...