What is schematic?

  • (adj): Represented in simplified or symbolic form.
    Synonyms: conventional, formal
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A schematic diagram represents the elements of a system using abstract, graphic symbols rather than realistic pictures. A schematic usually omits all details that are not relevant to the information the schematic is intended to convey, and may add unrealistic elements that aid comprehension. For example, a subway map intended for riders may represent a subway station with a dot; the dot doesn't resemble the actual station at all but gives the viewer information without unnecessary visual clutter. A schematic diagram of a chemical process uses symbols to represent the vessels, piping, valves, pumps, and other equipment of the system, emphasizing their interconnection paths and suppressing physical details. In an electronic circuit diagram, the layout of the symbols may not resemble the layout in the physical circuit. In the schematic diagram, the symbolic elements are arranged to be more easily interpreted by the viewer.

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Some articles on schematic:

Circuit Diagram - Organization of Drawings
... although not universal convention that schematic drawings are organized on the page from left to right and top to bottom in the same sequence as the flow of the main signal or power path ... For example, a schematic for a radio receiver might start with the antenna input at the left of the page and end with the loudspeaker at the right ... Schematic drawings intended for maintenance may have the principle signal paths highlighted to assist in understanding the signal flow through the circuit ...
Schematic Driven Layout
... Schematic driven layout is the concept in IC Layout or PCB layout where the EDA software links the schematic and layout databases ...
Schematics in Repair Manuals
... Schematic diagrams are used extensively in repair manuals to help users understand the interconnections of parts, and to provide graphical instruction to assist in taking apart and rebuilding ... repair manuals devote a significant number of pages to schematic diagrams ...
Radio Hat - Schematic
... The detector was provided with a cathode feedback level well into the oscillation range by the 330 pF capacitor ... The received carrier blocked the oscillations, allowing strong local stations to be received clearly ...
Schematic Driven Layout - Features
... Schematic driven layout allows for several features that make the layout designer's job easier and faster ... important is that changes to the circuit schematic are easily translated to the layout ... the connections between components in the schematic are graphically displayed in the layout ensuring work is correct by construction ...

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