What is Samuel?

  • (noun): (Old Testament) Hebrew prophet and judge who anointed Saul as king.


Samuel ( /ˈsæm.juː.əl/; Hebrew: שְׁמוּאֶל, Shmu'el Šəmûʼēl; Greek: Σαμουήλ Samouēl; Latin: Samvel; صموئيل, Ṣamu’īl; Strong's: Shemuwel) is a leader of ancient Israel in the Books of Samuel in the Hebrew Bible. He is also known as a prophet and is mentioned in the second chapter of the Qur'an, although not by name.

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Perspectives On Samuel - Islam
... Samuel is also a revered prophet and seer in the Islamic faith ... The narrative of Samuel in Muslim literature focuses specifically on his birth and the anointing of Saul ... the narratives of other prophets of Israel, as exegesis recounts Samuel's preaching against idolatry ...
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William Molyneux
... He was born in Dublin to Samuel Molyneux (1616–1693), lawyer and landowner (whose grandfather had come to Dublin from Calais), and his wife, Anne, née Dowdall ... Of their 3 children, only Samuel Molyneux (1689–1728) lived past childhood ... Samuel went on to become an astronomer and politician who worked with his father on various scientific endeavors ...
Graeme Samuel
... Graeme Julian Samuel AC (born 31 May 1946) is an Australian businessman ... Samuel was educated at Wesley College, Melbourne, and studied law at both the University of Melbourne (LLB) and Monash University (LLM) ... Samuel is a former commissioner of the Australian Football League (he became a life member of the league in 1995) ...
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