What is sail?

  • (verb): Traverse or travel by ship on (a body of water).
    Example: "We sailed the Atlantic"; "He sailed the Pacific all alone"
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A sail is a two-dimensional surface, typically made of fabric and supported by a mast, whose purpose to propel a sailing vessel. Occasionally sails may also be found on land vehicles.

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Sportsboat - Rig Design and Sail Plan
... characterised by a tall mast for their hull length, a correspondingly large main sail and non-overlapping Jib (a headsail that does not extend rearward past ... forward from the hull and allows better airflow and a larger sail size ... by Greg Young in the Bull series of boats, enabling the asym boat to sail at deeper angles downwind as the pole is squared back ...
Sail Away (David Gray Song)
... "Sail Away" is a song by David Gray ... Sail Away has been covered by Norwegian singer/songwriter Alejandro Fuentes, which was performed at the Hallelujah concerts ...
Advances in Sail Materials and Manufacture
... with the creation of glued, molded and laminated sails ... Glued sails are regular paneled sails but instead of sewing the pieces together, the sail maker uses a special, ultra-strong polymer glue which bonds through the use of ultrasound ... (three dimensional) shape of the sail that the sail maker wants to produce ...
Steven Callahan - Biography
... written widely for the yachting press worldwide, has been a contributing editor to Sail and Sailor magazines, senior editor of Cruising World, has authored Adrift and Capsized, the story ... a yacht tender) that allows the sailor to sail to safety ... different kind of raft now, what the French call a "Dynamic" raft, meaning the thing sails ...
Sail On! Sail On!
... "Sail On! Sail On!" is an alternate history short story by Philip José Farmer, first published in 1952 ... other transatlantic travellers, Columbus and his colleagues sail over the edge of the world into Earth orbit, and never return from their mission ...

More definitions of "sail":

  • (noun): A large piece of fabric (as canvas) by means of which wind is used to propel a sailing vessel.
    Synonyms: canvas, canvass, sheet
  • (verb): Travel by boat on a boat propelled by wind or by other means.
    Example: "The QE2 will sail to Southampton tomorrow"
    Synonyms: voyage, navigate
  • (verb): Move with sweeping, effortless, gliding motions.
    Synonyms: sweep
  • (verb): Travel in a boat propelled by wind.
    Example: "I love sailing, especially on the open sea"
  • (noun): An ocean trip taken for pleasure.
    Synonyms: cruise

Famous quotes containing the word sail:

    Was it the proud full sail of his great verse,
    Bound for the prize of all too precious you,
    That did my ripe thoughts in my brain inherse,
    Making their tomb the womb wherein they grew?
    Was it his spirit, by spirits taught to write
    Above a mortal pitch, that struck me dead?
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    O bid me mount and sail up there
    Amid the cloudy wrack,
    For Peg and Meg and Paris’ love
    That had so straight a back,
    Are gone away, and some that stay
    Have changed their silk for sack.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    It was a poetic recreation to watch those distant sails steering for half-fabulous ports, whose very names are a mysterious music to our ears.... It is remarkable that men do not sail the sea with more expectation. Nothing was ever accomplished in a prosaic mood.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)