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Gwennap Head
... These are day markers warning vessels of the hazard of the Runnel Stone ... obscured by the red cone then the vessel would be directly on top of the Runnel Stone ... These feature as "the Cones of Runnel" in Hammond Innes's thriller "The Trojan Horse" ...
Need Ei Vaata Tagasi... Osa 1 - Track Listing - CD2: Üle Müüri (Over The Wall)
733 Ei mullast (Not from the ground) (Kappel/Runnel) – 243 Avanemine (Opening) (Tüür/Erkki-Sven Tüür) – 419 Üleminek (Changeover) (Nõgisto ... East, West...) (Nõgisto/Viiding) – 605 Isamaa (Fatherland) (Kappel/Runnel) – 107 Ajaloo õppetund (A lesson in history) (Nõgisto/Viiding) – 232 Elupõline kaja (Life-indigenous echo) (Nõgisto/Viiding ...
Kui Mind Enam Ei Ole - Track Listing
... Rimmel) "Raskemeelsus"/"Hauakiri" (Gloom/Epitaph) (Urmas Alender/Hando Runnel) "Heli" (Sound) (Urmas Alender/Juhan Viiding) "Hüvasti kollane koer" (Goodbye yellow dog) (Urmas Alender/Urmas Alender) "Ig ... into myself) (Urmas Alender/Hando Runnel) "Ööpäev" (lit ... draw sadness) (Urmas Alender/Juhan Smuul) "Kivid, lambad" (Stones, sheep) (Urmas Alender/Hando Runnel) "Tuli" (Fire) (Urmas Alender/Juhan Viiding) "Lauluke" (Ditty) (Urmas Alender/Ott Arder) "Usaldus" (Tru ...
Need Ei Vaata Tagasi... Osa 2 - Track Listing - CD5: Tundmatu RUJA (Unknown RUJA)
... Rannap/Arder) – 437 Käsi (Hand) (Rannap/Arder) – 259 Aeg (Time) (Rannap/Runnel) – 643 Viru vanne (Viru vow) (Rannap/Runnel) – 318 Oota mind (Wait for me) (Andres Valkonen/Leelo Tungal) – 309 Ih-ih. 401 Kui mõtled enda pääle (When you think about yourself) (Nõgisto/Runnel) – 337 Laul võimalusest (Song of a chance) (Ehala/Sang) – 352 Luigelaul (Swan song) (Garšnek/Alender) – 358 Nii ...
Kogutud Teosed. 1968–1980. Esimene Osa. - Track Listing
... Luik) – 305 "Katkemine" (Disconnection) (Urmas Alender/Hando Runnel) – 210 "Raskemeelsus"/"Hauakiri" (Gloom/Epitaph) (Urmas Alender/Hando Runnel) – 325 "Kivid, lambad" (Stones, sheep ... John's Day) (Urmas Alender/Hando Runnel) – 159 "Igavene naine" (Eternal woman) (Urmas Alender/Hando Runnel) – 215 "Mälestus" (Memory) (Urmas Alender/Hando Runnel) – 134 "Ja ...

Famous quotes containing the word runnel:

    Tawny are the leaves turned, but they still hold.
    It is the harvest; what shall this land produce?
    A meager hill of kernels, a runnel of juice.
    Declension looks from our land, it is old.
    John Crowe Ransom (1888–1974)