What is runaway?

  • (noun): Someone who flees from an uncongenial situation.
    Synonyms: fugitive
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Runaway Match
... Runaway Match or The Runaway Match, or Marriage by Motor (UK title Elopement à la Mode) is a 1903 short silent film consisting of nine shots ...
Péndulo Studios, S.L. - Releases
... Yesterday (New York Crimes) 2011 - The Next Big Thing (Hollywood Monsters 2) 2009 - Runaway 3 A Twist of Fate 2006 - Runaway 2 The Dream of the Turtle 2001 - Runaway A Road Adventure 1997 ...
Stellar Kinematics - High-velocity Stars - Runaway Stars
... A runaway star is one which is moving through space with an abnormally high velocity relative to the surrounding interstellar medium ... The proper motion of a runaway star often points exactly away from a stellar association, whose member it therefore once must have been before it was hurled out ... Two possible mechanisms may give rise to a runaway star In the first scenario, a close encounter between two binary systems may result in the disruption of both systems, with some of the stars ...
Cordell Barker
... He has completed his third film for the NFB, Runaway, in 2009 ... Runaway was named best animated film at the 30th Genie Awards ... His following films Strange Invaders, The Cat Came Back and Runaway were included in the Animation Show of Shows ...
The Runaway Shadows
... "The Runaway Shadows, or A Trick of Jack Frost" is a twentieth-century fairy tale, a fantasy short story written by L ... "The Runaway Shadows" was first published on 5 June 1901, in some of the newspapers that had published Baum's American Fairy Tales in the spring of the same year ...

More definitions of "runaway":

  • (adj): Completely out of control.
    Example: "Runaway inflation"

Famous quotes containing the word runaway:

    The reality is that zero defects in products plus zero pollution plus zero risk on the job is equivalent to maximum growth of government plus zero economic growth plus runaway inflation.
    Dixie Lee Ray (b. 1924)