What is Ruhr?

  • (noun): A major industrial and coal mining region in the valley of the Ruhr river in northwestern Germany.
    Synonyms: Ruhr Valley
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The Ruhr, by German-speaking geographers and historians more accurately called the Ruhr district, Ruhr region or Ruhr valley (German Ruhrgebiet, colloquial Ruhrpott, Kohlenpott, Pott or Revier), is an urban area in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

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Biggesee - Purpose
... The lake serves to regulate the Ruhr and Lenne as well as providing water for the Ruhrgebiet ... primarily to store water for the Ruhrgebiet so as to maintain the same level of water in the Ruhr ... of all the water supplied by all the reservoirs in the river system of the Ruhr combined ...
Ruhr - Transport - Air Transport
... airport for North Rhine-Westphalia and is within 20 km of most of the Western Ruhr area ... Dortmund Airport in the Eastern Ruhr is a mid-sized airport, offering scheduled flights to domestic and European destinations ...
Battle Of The Ruhr
... The Battle of the Ruhr was a 5-month long campaign of strategic bombing during the Second World War against the Nazi Germany Ruhr Area, which had coke plants, steelworks, and 10 synthetic oil plants ... The latter was safely evacuated during the Battle of the Ruhr.Although not strictly part of the Ruhr area, the battle of the Ruhr included other cities such as Cologne which were within the Rhine-Ruhr region and ... Although the Ruhr had always been a target for the RAF from the start of the war, the organized defences and the large amount of industrial pollutants produced that gave a semi-permanent smog or industrial haze ...
Bergisch-Märkische Railway Company - History - Trunk Routes
... and Witten through Bochum-Langendreer, Essen, Mülheim an der Ruhr to Duisburg ... The development of the Ruhr valley was largely a result of the opening of the BME’s trunk line ...
Con Ruhr
... ConRuhr (Consortium of the Ruhr-Universities) is the German academic liaison office that was established in 2004 by the Ruhr-University Bochum, the ... The three universities are located very close to each other in Germany’s Ruhr area and characterized by a strong collaboration and joint initiatives ... linking contacts in the US, CIS, Brasil and Germany, as well as promoting the Ruhr area as a center of academic excellence ...

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  • (noun): A tributary of the Rhine.
    Synonyms: Ruhr River