What is Romanian?

  • (noun): An eastern Romance language spoken in Romania.
    Synonyms: Rumanian
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Romanian (Archaic: Roumanian, Rumanian; Romanian: Român) refers to something of or relating to Romania, a country in southeastern Europe.

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Oglinda TV - History of The Station - Investigation "serials"
... of religious figures and scandals among Romanian celebrities ... into the "mysterious" disappearance of Romanian lawyer Elodia Ghinescu, a subject which was debated for 239 consecutive evenings, termed by the channel episodes, and attracted a significant number ... Other Romanian TV stations soon launched similar late-night talk shows, in a process called by Diaconescu the "otevisation" of Romania ...
... Romanian (Archaic Roumanian, Rumanian Romanian Român) refers to something of or relating to Romania, a country in southeastern Europe ... Romanian may also refer to Romanians, the people Romanian language Romanian cuisine, traditional foods Romanian (stage), a stage in the Paratethys stratigraphy of ...
Eastern Romance Languages - Common Features
... Latin language Substratum Thraco-Roman culture Romanian Moldovan Vlach Grammar Nouns Verbs Numbers Phonology Lexis Regulating bodies Romanian Academy Academy of Sciences of Moldova Aromanian Megleno-Romanian ... However, most of them are original, see Latin to Romanian sound changes ...
Romance Copula - Romanian
... A fi, fire is the copula in Romanian ... These infinitive forms evolved from the verb, "to make" → fiere → fire → *fir → fi was the passive infinitive of, and so meant "to be made" ...
Ovid Densusianu
... – June 9, 1938, Bucharest) was a Romanian poet, philologist, linguist and folklorist ... introducing new trends of European modernism into Romanian literature ... He was a professor at the University of Bucharest, and a member of the Romanian Academy ...

More definitions of "Romanian":

  • (noun): A native or inhabitant of Romania.
    Synonyms: Rumanian
  • (adj): Of or relating to or characteristic of the country of Romania or its people or languages.
    Example: "Romanian folk music"
    Synonyms: Rumanian, Roumanian