What is rocky?

  • (adj): Full of hardship or trials.
    Example: "The rocky road to success"
    Synonyms: rough
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Rocky, Oklahoma - Demographics
... There were 77 households out of which 22.1% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 57.1% were married couples living together, 6.5% had a female householder with no husband present, and 33.8% were non-families. 31.2% of all households were made up of individuals and 15.6% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older ...
Rocky V (album)
... The Rocky V Soundtrack is the soundtrack to the 1990 film, Rocky V ... Stop the Fire", is not used in the film, but the song is used on the soundtrack Rocky Balboa The Best of Rocky, which is the soundtrack for the film, Rocky Balboa ...
... and Canada, in Veronica Lake, a fictional body of water in Rocky and Bullwinkle ... but failed when Bullwinkle, who was going to go down with his sinking country, asked Rocky for a stick of gum and then Rocky got the idea to raise up Moosylvania with the bubble gum ... In the fall of 1962, Jay Ward, producer of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, decided to campaign for statehood for Moosylvania ...
Rocky Castellani
... "Rocky" Castellani (May 26, 1926 – August 31, 2008) was an American boxer ... After he retired, Castellani operated "Rocky's," a bar in Atlantic City ... A biography of Castellani is entitled Young Rocky A True Story of Attilio "Rocky" Castellani by Joe Kinney ...
Coach Rocky Knute
... Coach Rocky Knute is a fictional character from the rather fertile imagination of Jay Ward ... "Rocky" Squirrel, attended on a football scholarship ... Since they looked like girls, Rocky and Bullwinkle (and team) were a little reluctant to play them—until the deception was uncovered ...

More definitions of "rocky":

  • (adj): Liable to rock.
    Example: "On high rocky heels"

Famous quotes containing the word rocky:

    These poems, people,
    lost ponies with
    Dragging saddles—
    and rocky sure-foot trails.
    Gary Snyder (b. 1930)

    Who will join in the march to the Rocky Mountains with me, a sort of high-pressure-double-cylinder-go-it-ahead-forty-wildcats- tearin’ sort of a feller?... Git out of this warming-pan, ye holly-hocks, and go out to the West where you may be seen.
    —Administration in the State of Miss, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    It is what we imagine knowledge to be:
    dark, salt, clear, moving, utterly free,
    drawn from the cold hard mouth
    of the world, derived from the rocky breasts
    forever, flowing and drawn, and since
    our knowledge is historical, flowing, and flown.
    Elizabeth Bishop (1911–1979)