What is rest home?

  • (noun): An institution where people are cared for.
    Synonyms: home, nursing home

Famous quotes containing the words home and/or rest:

    Parenting can be established as a time-share job, but mothers are less good “switching off” their parent identity and turning to something else. Many women envy the father’s ability to set clear boundaries between home and work, between being an on-duty and an off-duty parent.... Women work very hard to maintain a closeness to their child. Father’s value intimacy with a child, but often do not know how to work to maintain it.
    Terri Apter (20th century)

    Heaven grant him now some noble nook,
    For, rest his soul! he’d rather be
    Genteelly damn’d beside a Duke,
    Than sav’d in vulgar company.
    Thomas Moore (1779–1852)