What is representative?

  • (adj): Serving to represent or typify.
    Example: "Representative moviegoers"; "a representative modern play"
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Some articles on representative:

Liberal Democracy - Issues and Criticism - Majoritarianism
... However, such an argument could apply to both direct democracy or representative democracy ... It is argued by some that in representative democracies this minority makes the majority of the policies and potentially oppresses the minority or even the majority in the name of the majority (see Silent ... In prosperous western representative democracies, the poor form a minority of the population, and may not have the power to use the state to initiate ...
Dally Messenger - Rugby League
... newly formed New South Wales Rugby Football League (NSWRFL), although a heavy representative schedule saw him play only a handful of matches for the club ... he elected to sit out most of the 1909 season, playing in just a few representative matches towards the end of the year ... After retirement from representative football, he led his side to a second premiership in 1912 and followed that with a third consecutive premiership in 1913 ...
AllOfMP3 - Legal Issues
... This was reiterated by the United States Trade Representative Susan Schwab in remarks to the US Chamber of Commerce on September 28, 2006 ... property rights." In an interview with p2pnet, a MediaServices representative said "It is disappointing that United States Trade Representative Susan Schwab completely and deliberately mischaracterized AllofMP3.com ...
National Instant Criminal Background Check System
... who directly receives the information submitted by the FFL, or by proxy through a Call Center representative, who forwards the information electronically to the NICS ... Whether an Examiner or a Call Center representative is contacted depends on the state in which the sale is conducted ... When using a computer, an FFL representative can submit the buyer's information using the E-Check system which is a web interface to the NICS ...
Catherine Ashton - Appointment and Reception
... Further information High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy#Ashton On 19 November 2009, Ashton was appointed the EU's ... Gordon Brown eventually relented on the condition that the High Representative position was awarded to a Briton ... the media with The Guardian newspaper reporting that her appointment as High Representative had received a 'cautious welcome as EU foreign minister from ...

More definitions of "representative":

  • (adj): Standing for something else.
    Example: "The bald eagle is representative of the United States"
  • (noun): A person who represents others.
  • (adj): Being or characteristic of government by representation in which citizens exercise power through elected officers and representatives.
    Example: "Representative government as defined by Abraham Lincoln is government of the people, by the people, for the people"