What is replicate?

  • (verb): Make or do or perform again.
    Example: "He could never replicate his brilliant performance of the magic trick"
    Synonyms: duplicate, reduplicate, double, repeat
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Some articles on replicate:

Viral Replication - Baltimore Classification System - Class 1: Double-stranded DNA Viruses
... This type of virus usually must enter the host nucleus before it is able to replicate ... Some of these viruses require host cell polymerases to replicate their genome, while others, such as adenoviruses or herpes viruses, encode their own replication factors ... is only one well-studied example in which a class 1 family of viruses does not replicate within the nucleus ...
List Of Magic: The Gathering Keywords - Keywords From Expert-Level Expansions (mechanics) - Replicate
... This ability is written Replicate (cost) ... When a player casts a spell with replicate, he or she may pay the replicate cost any number of times, then put a copy of the spell on the stack for each time the replicate cost was paid ... Replicate appears in Guildpact and is the ability associated with the Izzet League ...
The Art Of Noises - Conclusions
... Futurist musicians should strive to replicate the infinite timbres in noises ... The complex tonalities of noise can be achieved by creating instruments that replicate that complexity ... The creation of instruments that replicate noise should not be a difficult task, since the manipulation of pitch will be simple once the mechanical principles that create the noise have been recreated ...
Extranuclear Inheritance of Organelles
... chloroplasts are very important for proper cellular function, yet the genomes replicate independently of the DNA located in the nucleus, which is typically arranged in chromosomes that only replicate one time ... genomes of mitochondria and chloroplasts however replicate independently of cell division ... They replicate in response to a cells increasing energy needs which adjust during that cells lifespan ...
... harmful, but the memeplex itself is still able to replicate through means of cultural or horizontal transmission ... Memes and memeplexes do not have to be true to replicate, although the feeling of something being true or truthiness is beneficial to a meme's replication ...

More definitions of "replicate":

  • (verb): Bend or turn backward.
    Synonyms: retroflex
  • (verb): Biology: reproduce or make an exact copy of.
    Example: "Replicate the cell"
    Synonyms: copy