What is reason?

  • (verb): Decide by reasoning; draw or come to a conclusion.
    Synonyms: reason out, conclude
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Reason, is the capacity for consciously making sense of things, for establishing and verifying facts, and changing or justifying practices, institutions, and beliefs based on new or existing information. It is closely associated with such characteristically human activities as philosophy, science, language, mathematics, and art, and is normally considered to be a definitive characteristic of human nature. The concept of reason is sometimes referred to as rationality and sometimes as discursive reason, in opposition to intuitive reason.

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Some articles on reason:

Philosophical Fragments - Reviews and Assessments - Existential Point of View
... de Unamuno, discussed the relation between faith and reason in relation to Kierkegaard's "Postscript" to this book ... And not only do we not believe with reason, nor yet above reason nor below reason, but we believe against reason ... assures us that there is always something that cannot be reduced to reason ...
Rao (Greyhawk) - Dogma
... Rao teaches that the greatest gift is reason, which leads to discourse, which leads to peace, which leads to serenity ... For those who refuse to see reason and resort to violence first, action—governed by reason and wisdom—is required to restore the peace ... a difficult challenge calm, implacable, and utterly convinced through the power of reason of the righteousness of their cause ...
Radu Sîrbu - Albums - Heartbeat
... Heartbeat" "Love is not a reason to cry" "Stop hating me" "Doare" "Don't be afraid" "Nu uita" "She is the best song I ever wrote" "Iubirea ca un drog" "Daun-Daha (save my life)" "I ...
The Impossibility Of Reason - Production
... The Impossibility of Reason was recorded with six-string guitars in drop C tuning, a standard that future albums would follow, and deemphasizes electronic effects ... In an interview, described The Impossibility of Reason and compared it with the band's prior release "With the new album we give the listener a feeling like they can’t breathe, the songs ... level." The production of The Impossibility of Reason was filmed and would be included on the Dehumanizing Process DVD in October 2004 ...
Reason in Particular Fields of Study - Evolution of Reason
... A species could benefit greatly from better abilities to reason about, predict and understand the world ... idea that there could have been other forces driving the evolution of reason ... This could also help explain why humans, according to Sperber, are not optimized to reason effectively alone ...

More definitions of "reason":

  • (verb): Think logically.
    Example: "The children must learn to reason"
  • (noun): The capacity for rational thought or inference or discrimination.
    Example: "We are told that man is endowed with reason and capable of distinguishing good from evil"
    Synonyms: understanding, intellect
  • (noun): The state of having good sense and sound judgment.
    Example: "He had to rely less on reason than on rousing their emotions"
    Synonyms: rationality, reasonableness
  • (noun): A justification for something existing or happening.
    Example: "They had good reason to rejoice"
    Synonyms: cause, grounds
  • (noun): A fact that logically justifies some premise or conclusion.
    Example: "There is reason to believe he is lying"
  • (noun): A rational motive for a belief or action.
    Example: "The reason that war was declared"
    Synonyms: ground
  • (noun): An explanation of the cause of some phenomenon.
    Example: "The reason a steady state was never reached was that the back pressure built up too slowly"
  • (verb): Present reasons and arguments.
    Synonyms: argue

Famous quotes containing the word reason:

    I think no virtue goes with size;
    The reason of all cowardice
    Is, that men are overgrown,
    And, to be valiant, must come down
    To the titmouse dimension.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The hour when you say, “What does my reason matter? Does it crave knowledge as a lion craves its food? It is poverty and filth, and a wretched complacency!”
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Agitators are a set of interfering, meddling people, who come down to some perfectly contented class of the community and sow the seeds of discontent amongst them. That is the reason why agitators are so absolutely necessary. Without them, in our incomplete state, there would be no advance towards civilisation.
    Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)