What is Ranger?

  • (noun): A member of a military unit trained as shock troops for hit-and-run raids.
    Synonyms: commando
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Ranger, Texas - Education
... The city is served by the Ranger Independent School District and home to the Ranger High School Bulldogs ...
The Lone Ranger
... The Lone Ranger is a fictional character, a masked ex-Texas Ranger who, with his Indian companion Tonto, fights injustice in the American Old West ... To television viewers, Clayton Moore was the Lone Ranger ... Departing on his white stallion, Silver, the Lone Ranger would shout, "Hi-yo, Silver! Away!" As they galloped off, someone would ask, "Who was that masked man anyway?" Tonto usually referred to the Lone Ranger as "K ...
Ranger Assessment And Selection Program
... Ranger Assessment and Selection Program (RASP) is an 8 week course held at Fort Benning, Georgia ... As of 2010, RASP replaced both the RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Program) for enlisted Soldiers and ROP (Ranger Orientation Program) for Officers, both commissioned and non-commissioned and below to be ... Army's 75th Ranger Regiment ...
The Lone Ranger - Premise
... details differ, the basic story of the origin of the Lone Ranger is the same in most versions of the franchise ... A posse of six members of the Texas Ranger Division are ambushed by a band of outlaws led by Bartholomew "Butch" Cavendish ... on the scene and recognizes the lone survivor, Ranger Reid (whose first name was never given on the show), as the man who had saved his life some time ...
Characters - The Lone Ranger
... In every incarnation of the character to date, the Lone Ranger conducts himself by a strict moral code put in place by Striker at the inception of the character ... that embody who and what the Lone Ranger is The Lone Ranger is never seen without his mask or a disguise ... With emphasis on logic, The Lone Ranger is never captured or held for any length of time by lawmen, avoiding his being unmasked ...

More definitions of "Ranger":

  • (noun): A member of the Texas state highway patrol; formerly a mounted lawman who maintained order on the frontier.
    Synonyms: Texas Ranger