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Paul Tsongas - Political Career
... In 1974 he ran for United States House of Representatives from a district anchored by Lowell ... and well-liked in Massachusetts, in 1978 he ran for and was elected to the Senate, defeating incumbent Edward Brooke by a 10-point margin ... After fighting the illness he returned to politics, and ran for his party's nomination for President in 1992 ...
Rán - Attestations - Friðþjófs Saga Hins Frœkna
... Mead erst, And all songs that I could To the king's daughter sang Now on Ran's bed belike Must I soon be a-lying, And another shall be By Ingibiorg's side." The protagonist then decides ... guests shall gold be, If we have need of guesting Meet so for mighty men-folk Amid Ran's hall to hold them." ...
Shulamit Ran
... Shulamit Ran (Hebrew שולמית רן‎ born October 21, 1949 in Tel Aviv, Israel) is an Israeli-American composer ... Shulamit Ran is a longtime faculty member of the University of Chicago and has served as composer-in-residence with both the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the ... Ran studied with Ralph Shapey and dedicated her Symphony to him ...
The Massacre In The Main Temple - The Aztec Account of The Incident
... There were some who even ran in vain, but their bowels spilled as they ran they seemed to get their feet entangled with their own entrails ... The blood of the warriors ran like water as they ran, forming pools, which widened, as the smell of blood and entrails fouled the air ... They ran everywhere, they searched every place ...
Richard Burr - House Career
... In 1992, Burr ran against incumbent Democratic Representative Stephen L ... He ran again in 1994 after Neal chose not to seek re-election, and was elected to Congress during a landslide year for Republicans ... He ran on a platform that advocated accountability for the federal government, lower health care costs, economic development, and strong school systems ...

Famous quotes containing the word ran:

    Imagining that I could
    A greater with a lesser pang assuage
    Or but to find if withered vein ran blood,
    I tore my body that its wine might cover
    Whatever could recall the lip of lover.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    With two sons born eighteen months apart, I operated mainly on automatic pilot through the ceaseless activity of their early childhood. I remember opening the refrigerator late one night and finding a roll of aluminum foil next to a pair of small red tennies. Certain that I was responsible for the refrigerated shoes, I quickly closed the door and ran upstairs to make sure I had put the babies in their cribs instead of the linen closet.
    Mary Kay Blakely (20th century)