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Ancient Egyptian Race Controversy - Specific Current-day Controversies - Ancient Egyptian Art
... paintings from the tomb of the Egyptian Huy, as well as Ramses II's temple at Beit el-Wali ... concern about the painting of the "Table of Nations" in the Tomb of Ramses III (KV11) ... Frank Yurco, visited the tomb of Ramses III (KV11), and in a 1996 article on the Ramses III tomb reliefs he pointed out that the depiction of plate 48 in the Erganzungsband section ...
Philistines - Origins - Extrabiblical Inscriptions
... Stela at Deir al-Medinah, are dated to the time of the reign of Ramses III (1186–1155 BC) ... Another was composed in the period immediately following the death of Ramses III (Papyrus Harris I) ... text to have been defeated by Ramses III during his Year 8 campaign ...
Philistines - Origins
... Though they were eventually repulsed by Ramses III, he finally resettled them, according to the theory, to rebuild the coastal towns in Canaan ... Harris I details the achievements of the reign of Ramses III ... Ramses tells us that, having brought the imprisoned Sea Peoples to Egypt, he "settled them in strongholds, bound in my name ...

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