What is provoked?

  • (adj): Incited, especially deliberately, to anger.
    Example: "The provoked animal attacked the child"
    Synonyms: aggravated

Famous quotes containing the word provoked:

    No Vice or Wickedness, which People fall into from Indulgence to Desires which are natural to all, ought to place them below the Compassion of the virtuous Part of the World; which indeed often makes me a little apt to suspect the Sincerity of their Virtue, who are too warmly provoked at other Peoples personal Sins.
    Richard Steele (1672–1729)

    Whensoever any affliction assails me, me thinks I have the keyes of my prison in mine owne hand, and no remedy presents it selfe so soone to my heart, as mine own sword. Often meditation of this hath wonne me to a charitable interpretation of their action, who dy so: and provoked me a little to watch and exagitate their reasons, which pronounce so peremptory judgements upon them.
    John Donne (c. 1572–1631)

    Thus am I still provoked to every evil
    By this good wicked spirit, sweet angel devil.
    Michael Drayton (1563–1631)