What is perspective?

  • (noun): The appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer.
    Synonyms: linear perspective
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Satire On False Perspective - Historiography of Perspective Instruction
... Until Brook Taylor's treatise on linear perspective was published in 1715, artists were taught perspective by studying methods used in earlier works by famous artists, rather than ... remedy this gap in studies, and he invited his friend Kirby to become a perspective teacher there ... his pamphlet, became famous enough to gain a royal appointment as a perspective teacher ...
Spectasia - History - Form of 3D
... It is noteworthy that Spectasia uses curvilinear perspective to present item choices to the user, being a form of perspective which has been ably ...
Perspective - Other
... Perspective (pharmacoeconomic), the vantage point from which a pharmacoeconomics analysis is conducted Perspective (cognitive), "point of view", in psychology ...
Communicative Ecology - Perspective
... There are two primary perspectives taken to communicative ecology research that are loosely correlative with the emic and etic positions taken in classic ethnographic studies ... The choice of perspective may enhance or limit the utility of the data ... Ideally, communicative ecology research should use a variety of perspectives in order to obtain a more complete representation and deeper understanding ...
Social Analytics
... Social Analytics is a philosophical perspective developed since the early 1980s by the Danish idea historian and philosopher Lars-Henrik Schmidt ... The theoretical object of the perspective is socius, a kind of "commonness" that is neither a universal account nor a communality shared by every member of a body ... It might be said that the perspective attempts to articulate the contentions between philosophy and sociology ...

More definitions of "perspective":

  • (noun): A way of regarding situations or topics etc..
    Synonyms: position, view

Famous quotes containing the word perspective:

    All things being equal, I would choose a woman over a man in order to even the balance of power, to insinuate a different perspective into the process, to give young women something to shoot for and someone to look up to. But all things are rarely equal.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)

    Egoism is the law of perspective as it applies to feelings, according to which what is closest to us appears to be large and weighty, while size and weight decrease with our distance from things.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    No one thinks anything silly is suitable when they are an adolescent. Such an enormous share of their own behavior is silly that they lose all proper perspective on silliness, like a baker who is nauseated by the sight of his own eclairs. This provides another good argument for the emerging theory that the best use of cryogenics is to freeze all human beings when they are between the ages of twelve and nineteen.
    Anna Quindlen (20th century)