What is oldest?

  • (adj): First in time.
    Example: "The oldest rocks on the planet"

Some articles on oldest:

Maria Olívia Da Silva - Life
... In March 2005 she was first claimed to be three years older than the then oldest undisputed person ever ... then 114-year-old Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper, born 29 June 1890, as the world's oldest person, and later retrospectively accepted the claims of María Capovilla, who was then aged 116 ... The oldest living person verifiably documented by Guinness at the time of Silva's death was the French woman Eugénie Blanchard who was born in 1896, three years after Silva was allegedly already married and who ...
Instituto Militar De Engenharia - History
... Fortificação e Desenho, it is known as one of the oldest engineering schools ever ... IME is the third oldest engineering school in the world and the oldest in Americas ...
Hortus Bulborum
... The oldest tulip in the collection is the single early tulip ‘Duc van Tol Red and Yellow’, dating from 1595 ... The oldest narcissus, the 'Dubbele Kampernelle', also known as Narcissus ‘Alba Odorus Plenus’, has been known since 1602 ... The oldest Fritillaria F ...
Andrew Jackson Houston
... At the time of his swearing in, he was the oldest man to enter the Senate (the oldest person was Rebecca Latimer Felton) it was 82 years after his father had served there ... Johnson, Edmund Pettus and Strom Thurmond) to be the oldest living U.S ... Congress to become the oldest living Senator upon inauguration ...
Christina Cock - Biography
... Ada Cleggett on 8 December 1995, she became the oldest living Australian, aged 107 ... In doing so, she became the oldest ever person from the Southern Hemisphere ... At the time of Cock's death, she was the second or 3rd-oldest person in the world ...

Famous quotes containing the word oldest:

    We make the oldest stories new when we succeed, and we are trapped by the old stories when we fail.
    Greil Marcus (b. 1945)

    The United States is just now the oldest country in the world, there always is an oldest country and she is it, it is she who is the mother of the twentieth century civilization. She began to feel herself as it just after the Civil War. And so it is a country the right age to have been born in and the wrong age to live in.
    Gertrude Stein (1874–1946)

    No ray is dimmed, no atom worn,
    My oldest force is good as new,
    And the fresh rose on yonder thorn
    Gives back the bending heavens in dew.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)