What is network?

  • (noun): (broadcasting) a communication system consisting of a group of broadcasting stations that all transmit the same programs.
    Example: "The networks compete to broadcast important sports events"
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Some articles on network, networks:

Netwar - Network Structures
... Arquilla and Ronfeldt point to three basic types of networks that may be used by netwar actors Chain network – typified by smuggling networks, where end-to-end exchanges (inf ... Hub or star network – disparate actors are tied to a central (though not necessarily hierarchical) node, and all communication travels through that central node ... All-channel network – every individual actor is able to communicate fully with all other nodes in the network ...
... the interface for interconnecting two X.25 networks ... while X.25 specifies the interface between a subscriber (Data Terminal Equipment (DTE)) and the network (Data Circuit-terminating Equipment (DCE)), X.75 ... For example, X.25 only allows network-generated reset and clearing causes to be passed from the network (DCE) to the subscriber (DTE), and not the other way around since the ...
Xero Bank Browser - XeroBank Network
... is optimized for use on the XeroBank anonymity network, which is a private and commercial broadband network operated by Xero Networks AG ... The XeroBank network routes traffic through at least two multi-jurisdictional hops ... In contrast to Tor, the XeroBank network supports both TCP and UDP protocols, performs channel multiplexing for low observability, is run by a single entity and costs money to use ...
Network - Proper Nouns (names)
... Network (film), a 1976 American movie NETWORK (lobbying group), an American social justice group The Network, an American New Wave band Network (comics), a series of Thomas characters Network, a ...
Peer-to-peer - Advantages and Weaknesses
... In P2P networks, clients provide resources, which may include bandwidth, storage space, and computing power ... This property is one of the major advantages of using P2P networks because it makes the setup and running costs very small for the original content ... If one peer on the network fails to function properly, the whole network is not compromised or damaged ...

More definitions of "network":

  • (verb): Communicate with and within a group.
    Example: "You have to network if you want to get a good job"
  • (noun): (electronics) a system of interconnected electronic components or circuits.
    Synonyms: electronic network
  • (noun): A system of intersecting lines or channels.
    Example: "A railroad network"; "a network of canals"
  • (noun): An open fabric of string or rope or wire woven together at regular intervals.
    Synonyms: net, mesh, meshing, meshwork
  • (noun): An interconnected system of things or people.
    Example: "He owned a network of shops"; "retirement meant dropping out of a whole network of people who had been part of my life"
    Synonyms: web

Famous quotes containing the word network:

    Of what use, however, is a general certainty that an insect will not walk with his head hindmost, when what you need to know is the play of inward stimulus that sends him hither and thither in a network of possible paths?
    George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian)

    Parents need all the help they can get. The strongest as well as the most fragile family requires a vital network of social supports.
    Bernice Weissbourd (20th century)

    How have I been able to live so long outside Nature without identifying myself with it? Everything lives, moves, everything corresponds; the magnetic rays, emanating either from myself or from others, cross the limitless chain of created things unimpeded; it is a transparent network that covers the world, and its slender threads communicate themselves by degrees to the planets and stars. Captive now upon earth, I commune with the chorus of the stars who share in my joys and sorrows.
    Gérard De Nerval (1808–1855)