What is net profit?

Net Profit

Net profit, also referred to as the bottom line, net income, or net earnings is a measure of the profitability of a venture after accounting for all costs. In a survey of nearly 200 senior marketing managers, 91 percent responded that they found the "net profit" metric very useful. In accounting, net profit is equal to the gross profit minus overheads minus interest payable for a given time period (usually: accounting period).

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Net Profit - Construction
... Net profit To calculate net profit for a venture (such as a company, division, or project), subtract all costs, including a fair share of total corporate overheads, from the gross revenues or turnover ... Net profit ($) = Sales revenue ($) - Total costs ($) Net profit is a measure of the fundamental profitability of the venture ... headquarters staff." "Although it is theoretically possible to calculate profits for any sub-(venture), such as a product or region, often the calculations are rendered suspect by the need to allocate ...
History Of Abercrombie & Fitch - Post-Fitch Era
... By 1929, sales of US $6.3 million were reported with net profits of US $548,000 ... A F's record net profit was $682,894 in 1947 ... In 1960, net sales rose to $16.5 million, but net profit fell for the fourth straight year to $185,649 ...
Singapore Exchange - History - Financial Performance
... SGX reported a net profit of $165.8 million for the first half of its financial year 2010 ... Excluding non-recurring items, net profit was 7% higher compared to 1H FY2009 ($159.2 million) ... excluding the non-recurring items, net profit of $77.0 million was 3% higher than a year ago ...
Transactional Net Margin Method
... The transactional net margin method (TNMM) in transfer pricing compares the net profit margin of a taxpayer arising from a non-arm's length transaction with the net profit margins realized by arm's length parties ... from the cost-plus and resale price methods that compare gross profit margins ... Since TNMM measures the relationship between net profit and an appropriate base such as sales, costs, or assets employed, it is important to choose the appropriate base ...
Acron Group - Performance Highlights
... revenues under IFRS were RUB 65.4 billion (US$ 2.2 billion), and net profit was RUB 20.3 billion (US$ 692 million) ... IFRS Financials Revenue Net Profit 2011. 1 ... Net Profit, RUB mn 2,464 5,668 9,891 7,256 6,279 20,328 ...

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