What is net force?

Net Force

In physics, net force is the overall force acting on an object. In order to perform this calculation the body is isolated and interactions with the environment or constraints are introduced as forces and torques forming a free-body diagram.

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Tom Clancy's Net Force - Main Characters
... Commander Alex Michaels Promoted to top spot in Net Force in the first book, resigns in "Changing of the Guard" played by Scott Bakula in the NetForce TV movie Toni Fiorella/Michaels Has position under Alex Michaels ... in the NetForce TV movie Lieutenant Julio Fernandez Friend of John Howard, also in Net Force's military unit Commander Thomas Thorn Took over the top spot in Net Force after Alex Michaels ...
Tom Clancy's Op-Center - Net Force
... third Op-Center novel, Games of State, briefly alludes to the concept of a "Net Force" ... This concept was later expanded into its own Net Force series, created by the same men as Op-Center but written by Steve Perry (and later cowritten with Larry Segriff) ...
Van Der Waals Equation - Derivation - Conventional Derivation
... Next, we introduce a pairwise attractive force between the particles ... not withstanding the existence of this force, the density of the fluid is homogeneous ... Further he assumed that the range of the attractive force is so small that the great majority of the particles do not feel that the container is of finite size ...
Tension (physics) - System Under Net Force
... A system has a net force when an unbalanced force is exerted on it, in other words the sum of all forces is not zero ... Acceleration and net force always exist together For example, consider the same system as above but suppose the object is now being lowered with an increasing velocity downwards (positive ... There are two forces acting on the body A its weight pulling down, and the tension in the string pulling up ...
Net Force - Usage
... The resultant force and torque can be determined for any configuration of forces ... Some authors do not distinguish the resultant force from the net force and use the terms as synonyms ...

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